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If you think it's hard to make your website accessible, you've come to the right place . We would like to help you with it. Ask us!

In order to support standardization processes and improve the accessibility of web portals, we can accompany you with the following services


Consulting on W3C standards is the basis of the services offered by the area of standardization of CTIC Technology Centre where works a group of experts with extensive experience in application.

  • Design and implementation of web accessibility management systems

    Consulting on W3C standards is the basis of the services offered by the area of standardization of CTIC Technology Centre where works a group of experts with extensive experience in application.

  • Diagnosis of accessibility

    It is a detailed and systematic study of the website that allows identifying accessibility problems and proposing the optimal way to solve them. Together with the above, the diagnosis allows us to know the actual level of accessibility that a portal achieves, for example, as a condition of delivery of a development or as a step prior to a certification process.

    This validation is carried out throughout the entire life cycle of the portal, starting with:

    • The study of templates in the early stages of development in which not only technical issues regarding accessibility, but also usability, standards, color contrasts, multimedia, pdfs, etc. are reviewed.
    • Then, in the process of integrating the different elements of the platform / CMS and in the development under specific frameworks.
    • In the production phase of the portals, both from the point of view of the insertion of contents, as in the maintenance or evolution of the portal.
  • Monitoring

    It allows periodic and automatic control of the portals through a tool that facilitates the control and recovery of problems. TAW Monitor is a web service that allows us to have a centralized dashboard in which to see the status and evolution of the accessibility in our portals .

REMEMBER . Automatic tools are a very valuable resource in the process of improving the accessibility of our Websites. However, you should keep in mind that no tool of this type can by itself validate all the checks that the W3C guidelines WCAG 2.0 recommend.


The web accessibility experts of CTIC have collaborated with AENOR in the implementation of an accessibility certification based on UNE 139803: 2012, being CTIC the prescriptive entity whose auditors have been homologated by AENOR.

This certification, the unique which certifies the UNE 139803 standard, certifies that the portals that have this seal comply with the declared accessibility levels and are in accordance with the existing legislation (Royal Decree 1494/2007), which Obliges all administrations and websites financed totally or partially with public funds to reach "as a minimum level of mandatory compliance priorities 1 and 2 of the UNE Standard" (levels 'A' and double 'A') and are established One deadline to adapt these pages as of December 31, 2008.

Who is the certification addressed to?

In addition to the websites of administrations and websites financed with public money, the Royal Decree obliges to meet the criteria for accessibility to entities and companies that are responsible for managing public services, especially those that have character Educational, health and social services. Also, companies with more than 100 employees or with a turnover of more than 6 million euros and considered of "special economic importance" such as financial services (banks and savings banks, insurance companies and pension plans), utilities (companies supply water, gas and electricity), travel agency services, passenger transport, etc.

In this context and to make it easier for administrations and businesses to prove that their websites are accessible according to legal requirements, CTIC accessibility experts have developed a set of services that facilitate these entities to reach the level of accessibility Adequate to allow its certification.


CTIC and the Spanish office of W3C have among their objectives the promotion of the use of standard and open technologies. To this end, in addition to participating in different events and creating teaching and learning material, it carries out training actions both face-to-face and e-learning. Over the last few years we have trained more than 3,000 technicians and managers from different administrations and companies in the ICT sector.

The courses that are offered are the following:

  • Presencial Training. Course of Design of accessible websites. WCAG 2.0 / UNE 139803: 2012
  • Presencial Training. Website accessibility assessment course
  • Presencial Training. Course Contribution of accessible contents.
  • Teletraining. Course Design of accessible websites. WCAG 2.0 / UNE 139803: 201


CTIC performs for different customers web accessibility observatories of websites in which they are made specific situation reports for each of the websites that allow each recipient to know the level of accessibility of their portals and the problems to which put a solution.

In the observatories, an aggregated report is generated containing the comparative information between the different portals and segments studied as well as the writing of conclusions to address the process of improvement.


The accessibility unit works by supporting its clients in accessible development tasks.

  • Development of R&D projects for the implementation of web accessibility in different platforms.
  • Adaptation accessible development frameworks.
  • Accessible adaptation of CMS
  • TAW integration tools into web tools
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