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Automatic tools are a valuable resource for assessing and improving the accessibility of our Websites. However you should note that they can not by themselves test the set of checks that the W3C WCAG 2.1 guidelines recommend.

TAW is a set of tools for the analysis of the accessibility in websites.

Check the accessibility level that a website fulfills in order to allow access to all people regardless of their differentiating characteristics.
Public in general and specifically field professionals such as webmasters, developers, web designers etc. We understand accessibility by accessing the information contained in the websites without limitation due to deficiency, handicap or technology used without interfering, for example:
  • Problems of hearing, vision, mobility, etc.
  • Difficulties in reading or cognitive comprehension.
  • Inability to use the keyboard or mouse.
  • Text-only reader, small screen or slow connection.
  • Accessibility improves access to the web in general, it is not only of interest for people with disabilities.


Online service that allows to check the accessibility of a certain URL. It generates a summary report based on the analyzed page with information about the result of the review. In addition, you can receive a full report in your email address. More information at the TAWdis page.

Supports: WCAG 2.1 UNE-EN 301549

TAW Monitor

The TAW Monitor is a system that allows the unattended review of Internet sites, where a set of portals is analyzed periodically and without intervention, issuing status reports and alerts through different channels. More information on the TAW Monitor page.

Supports: WCAG 2.1 UNE-EN 301549
Screenshot of the TAW Monitor dashboard


Now you can integrate the TAW accessibility analyzer in the CMS content editor. No longer need to wait to publish the page to be able to check its accessibility.

The new TAW web service allows you to easily integrate the analysis option during content editing and analyze the contents before they are published.

There are currently modules for use in the FCKEditor editor and TinyMCE editor.

Supports: WCAG 2.1 UNE-EN 301549

To know the possibility of integration in different CMS or budget do not hesitate to contact us! .

TAW Standalone

The downloadable version of TAW is a desktop application for automatic analysis of websites based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 (WCAG 1.0). TAW3 follows the links of HTML documents in a way that allows you to analyze from a single page to complete websites.

For the analysis of the pages, TAW3 allows the selection of checkpoints to check as well as the creation of new custom rules. Finally, it generates different types of reports on the result of the analysis.

Installers available TAW Standalone WCAG 1.0
Includes JavaVM Without Java VM Instructions
Windows XP Download (18.4M) Download (3.2M) Installation
Windows Vista TAW3 Web Start TAW3 Web Start Installation
Mac Os X TAW3 Web Start TAW3 Web Start Installation
Unix Not available Download (2.9M) Installation
Linux Not available Download (2.9M) Installation
AIX Not available Download (2.9M) Installation
Solaris Not available Download (2.9M) Installation
HP-UX Not available Download (2.9M) Installation

Windows XP. Instructions


  • After downloading, double-click on taw3.exe

Windows Vista. Instructions


  • The current installer is incompatible with this operating system. Use the TAW3 Web Start version.


  • If you do not have the virtual machine, download the version including it.

Mac OS X. Instructions


  • The current installer presents incompatibilities with the latest versions of this operating system. We recommend using the TAW3 Web Start .

Unix. Linux. AIX. Solaris. HP-UX. Instructions


  • After downloading, open a shell and cd to the directory where you downloaded the installer.
  • Type: sh ./taw3.bin


  • You need to install Java 1.4 VM (or higher). You can download it from Sun.

There is a version under Java Web Start, a technology for the deployment of applications based on Java language. Java Web Start lets you run applications using a single "click" from a Web browser. Also running the application using Java Web Start will always use the latest version available. The TAW version using Java Web Start has the same functionality as the downloadable version.

Supports: WCAG 1.0
Are you interested in contributing to the TAW Standalone upgrade to the WCAG 2.1 version guidelines of W3C ? Contact us!

TAW Observatory

We have developed an analysis tool on a distributed platform based on "Grid Computing" technology, with a very high analysis capacity. It is directed to the realization of observatories, in which the volume of websites and pages that are reviewed can be very high. This tool integrates the TAW analysis engine, in addition to other web quality analyzers (grammars, mobility, quality, etc.)

Based on this tool, we can perform observatories to know the accessibility status of a set of portals which allows us to concoer the compliance detail of the portals to address, for example, a strategy to improve the websites involved.

We have made such observatories both in Spain and in Latin America (Chile, Mexico, Uruguay)

Supports: WCAG 2.1 UNE-EN 301549


Derived from accessibility and based on the W3C Good Practices in Content Mobilization, which are realigned in many respects with accessibility, we have developed MERKUR tool that allows you to transform a non-mobile website making it compatible with all types of mobile devices and tablets. The tool takes advantage of website accessibility, if any, to move faster in the mobilization process.