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TAW is a tool for the analysis of Web sites, based on the W3C - Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 (WCAG 1.0)

TAW3 online

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WCAG 1.0 Analyzer

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WCAG 2.0 Analyzer


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Options: Level AA - Technologies: HTML, CSS

mobileOK Analyzer

Other tools from the TAW family

The TAW3 analysis engine is available as different tools, so the users can choose and use which better suits his/her needs.

TAW3 standalone

This downloadable version of TAW is a multiplatform desktop software that complements and extends the funcionality of the Web analyser. TAW3 standalone follows the links of the HTML documents so that it allows to analyse from a single page to complete Web sites.

TAW3 standalone allows the selection of the checkpoints to be verified as well as the creation of new customized rules. In addition, it can generate different types of report about the test results.

For a more complete information about the tool operation have a look at TAW3 user's guide.

TAW3 Web Start

Java Web Start is a technology for the deployment of Java language based software. Java Web Start allows to run software by means of just a "click" from a Web browser. In addition, running the software by means of Java Web Start, you will always use the last version available. This Java Web Start driven version of TAW has the same functionality that the downloadable standalone version.

TAW3 with a click

TAW3 with a click is a Firefox extension that allows to verify, with just a click, the accessibility of the Web sites that you are visiting, by means of the TAW3 online service.

Once TAW3 with a click has been successfully installed, its icon will appear in the browser status bar, and you will be able to make an accessibility analysis of the Web page you are visiting simply by clicking on that icon.

Basic configuration options can be changed through the contextual menu that appears when you right-click on the icon. You can find a little more information at the TAW3 with a click Mozilla webpage.